The IT MegaMeet Challenge

Want to do something good for your city? Help build a stronger local IT community? Then why not host an IT MegaMeet

The Format

The format is quite simple. Find a good venue such as a University, they'd have to be mad to pass something like this up, so you should be able to negotiate the venue for free. Find and invite as many of the local IT groups you can. Inspire people to talk, figure out a schedule, and find sponsors to pay for things like food. Easy right?

Our Support

We'll provide you with an subdomain and website. We've arranged free event organising software from one of our sponsors. We'll give you advice and guidance along the way.

Organising an IT MegaMeet

We are documenting the current IT MegaMeet, with the aim that it forms a guide. A quite detailed write up from the first IT MegaMeet is available.

Contact US

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